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Lyssie ([personal profile] fuyu) wrote2011-02-14 06:32 am
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So Sid and Verthandi's daughter Skuld, hatched after the culling of Emma's line and who I don't have any pictures of, fell ill with antigen 0. Well, shit, said I, and whisked her away to quarantine and brought her a bunch of food. I was tending to her, making sure she kept her health up while she recovered, and then opened the Observation Kit to ensure nobody else had caught the plague.

Nobody she'd been in contact with had, but Ragnar - over on the other side of the world - sure had something.

Ragnar's been having some problems anyway: he can't seem to ever get a good sound sleep, and he seems to get hungry faster than other norns. So I was just about to go over to where he was for a checkup when Skuld vanished into thin fucking air

I don't even know what happened! She didn't get accidentally exported, she didn't die, she just spontaneously stopped existing anywhere in Albia. Observation Kit doesn't see her, she doesn't appear in the selection menu, nothing. She's just gone.

What the FUCK just happened. I was healing her! 8(

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