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Albian Clusterfuck, or: Lyssie Really Sucks At Raising Norns

everything is going wrong

Okay, so. Last we checked there were three mutants - two slow agers, one Child of the Mind - and a somewhat even mix of male and female adults in Albia.

Here's... here's what's happened since then.

Both of Verthandi's stored-up eggs and a hatchery egg were hatched, resulting in: Fari, a little girl of her father's breed but showing Verthandi's arms; Skuld, a little girl who took after her father with her mother's face; and Cherry, yet another white-haired poofy-tailed girl, but with legs like Emma's.

In my previous post, you heard about Skuld up and vanishing. I also exported Ragnar, because his sleep problems are worrisome and I wanted to deal with his illness later. That left me with Verthandi, Sid, Verrus, Fari, and Cherry.

Hey, remember those slow agers? And how they were both Verrus's kids, too? Yeah, Fari's stuck in childhood. I really wish I knew how to get at individual genomes in the Albian Years. They don't seem to be saved into the Genetics folder or anywhere. I would learn the gengineering just for a chance to figure out how the hell all my norns got so fucked up.

Speaking of fucked up and Verrus, I think he might be responsible for Ragnar's sleeping/hunger issues too. After exporting down to five norns in the world, I went to check on him and... he was starving and wouldn't eat. This goes beyond usual norn stubbornness and into the fucked up realm of spending ten, fifteen minutes solid begging a norn to eat while he cries about how hungry he is and never actually tries to put any food in his mouth. This may be down to insomnia; apparently if a norn doesn't sleep, they can't really process and solidify what they've learned, so they'll forget things like how to eat or when eating is a good idea. Sounds exactly like what happened here. And the problem is, he's too hungry/not tired enough to sleep, but at the same time too sleep-deprived to eat. I've more or less given up. Unless I can find (or make) an infusion COB or something to instantly make him fall asleep and stay that way for a while, there's nothing I can really do for him. He won't do anything. I think he may actually have forgotten how to push.

... on the upside, I got Sid and Verthandi to have another egg! That's... that's something, right? 8(

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