fuyu: (oh shit)
Lyssie ([personal profile] fuyu) wrote2011-03-24 10:24 am

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What the hell are all these feelings?

Inge decided to be difficult right before I left work, and I already had a headache, so I left aggravated and with EVERY SINGLE THING pissing me off. Got to school ready to claw off my own face, or possibly someone else's, or possibly a telephone pole.

Then I saw the nice green lawns and just wanted to roll in them. While still feeling claw-my-face-off too-big-for-my-skin frustrated.

Then I noticed, as I was leaving algebra class, that one of my classmates had a Starbucks cup and the thought crossed my mind briefly of physically assaulting him for his hot chocolate. (It probably wasn't even hot chocolate he was holding. I just saw a brown beverage and went CHOCOLATE!)

Then I wanted to roll in the grass again. Also possibly SCREAM TO THE WORLD to ANNOUNCE MY PRESENCE! CAPSLOCK!!!!

Is this PMS, spring fever, or just a really weird mood? I don't know what my emotions are doing!

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