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I guess there's a spambot going around!

[20:19] superxalliex: hey there
[20:23] Lyssie: Hi, who's this?
[20:23] superxalliex: hi there... hope u dont mind chatting with a spiteful horny girl.
[20:23] superxalliex: so how are you?
[20:26] Lyssie: I'd like to know who you are if we're going to chat. Also if you're looking for sexy chat, I'm very happy with my girlfriend, so no thanks.
[20:26] superxalliex: Yea i know it's random but my douchebag ex cheated on ME so I'm on a MANhunt haha... i got your username on a aim directory... u are? ;-)
[20:27] Lyssie: A lesbian. Sorry, I'm not what you're looking for.
[20:27] superxalliex: I see.. Where do you live? i am bored at home...and this usually leads to bad things lol
[20:27] superxalliex: esp since I'm single and sexually deprived
[20:27] Lyssie: Yeah, I don't think I wanna share that information.
[20:27] superxalliex: Are you signed up to any dating sites?? You seem cool. i just took some dirty pics and uploaded them on my justhookup profile.. want to see?
[20:28] Lyssie: I'm not signed up to any dating sites, because I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.
[20:28] superxalliex: ok go here let me know what ya think [URL REDACTED] you might have to make an account if u don't have 1 already. It takes literally 1 min and it's completely free!!
[20:28] Lyssie: You're either a bot or a troll. No thank you, and go away.
[20:28] superxalliex: lol no i'm not a bot silly
[20:29] Lyssie: Well, you're not responding to anything like a normal person having a conversation. So I'm thinking bot. Or troll.
[20:29] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

It almost passed the Turing test. Kind of impressed. And amused.
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[personal profile] lazchan 2012-04-03 01:30 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow, that's more amusing than what I usually get! :D