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Lyssie ([personal profile] fuyu) wrote2012-10-13 10:24 pm
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suddenly: nuzlocke

BABY'S FIRST NUZLOCKE. Got a ROM of Leaf Green, we're making this happen.


- First battle doesn't count.
- Gift Pokemon are allowed.
- If the first Pokemon in an area is a duplicate, I can skip until I get one that isn't. I don't have to, but I can.
- No replacing dead Pokemon with one of the same species. Don't dishonor the memory of the fallen!
- Whiteout is game over. The trauma of seeing the whole team die will dissuade me from my career as a Pokemon trainer.
- Time Lord rule: in the unlikely event that a Pokemon levels up during the battle and the level up allows it to evolve, the evolution process will save its life even if it reaches 0 HP. The Pokemon has to start evolution immediately after the battle ends for this to count.

I'll be keeping notes on my run here in my journal. Watch me possibly fail spectacularly! \o/