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nuzlocke report 1


I started the game as a female trainer named Allie. Rival's name is Gary. I chose Bulbasaur as my starter, and by outrageous luck it turned out to be female! I named her Venus.

Lost the first battle because I'm a dumbshit. But because I didn't want to savescum for another female starter, and the battle takes place in a lab, I handwaved that my starter survived with medical attention.

Caught a male Rattata and named him Justin. Unfortunately, he was soon lost. In his memory, I will catch no more Rattatas. In Viridian Forest, I caught a female Weedle who I named Melli, and evolved her to a Beedrill before leaving the forest. She would be of no use against Brock, but a valuable asset in other encounters. Fury Attack is very useful at this level.

Venus, having learned Vine Whip on the way, made extremely short work of Brock's team. Easy Boulderbadge, no casualties.

Proceeding to Mt. Moon, I caught a female Pidgey on Route 3, and named her Fleetwing. In Mt. Moon itself, a male Zubat named Kaito. I chose the Helix Fossil, and I think I accidentally bypassed like half of the mountain. OH WELL. Somewhere inside the mountain, Venus evolved into an Ivysaur. On the other side, I caught a male Spearow I named Fauchard (after skipping two Rattatas, in memory of Justin).

Venus was doing reasonably well in the Cerulean Gym, but all the team's levels were lagging a bit behind, and the Pokemon on Route 4 didn't offer nearly enough experience for decent training. So I started to explore Cerulean a little more, thinking I'd just find some grass on the other side - and, because it's been too long since I played Red, I forgot there was a rival battle on the bridge. I mishandled it badly, and Fauchard and Melli were lost in the battle. In their memory, I may not capture any more Spearows or Weedles/Kakunas/Beedrills. Fleetwing was also reduced to 0 HP, but she reached level 18 during the battle, and evolved immediately afterwards. Because of the unlikelihood of this event (and the fact that having to release a newly evolved Pidgeotto is bullshit), I'm instituting a new "Time Lord" rule: if in the course of a battle a Pokemon fulfills its evolutionary requirements, the evolution process saves its life even if it faints.

After passing the Nugget Bridge successfully, I caught a female Bellsprout on Route 24 who I named Nepenthe, and then proceeded to Route 25. There I challenged a couple of trainers, and then returned to challenge Misty. It was a close battle, with both Nepenthe and Venus coming close to death, but a well-timed Super Potion and an eleventh-hour switch to Fleetwing to finish off Misty's Starmie after it confused Venus, the battle was completed with no casualties.

Returning to Route 25 to collect the ticket from Bill, I attempted to catch an Abra, but it teleported away. Unsure about the exact Nuzlocke rules about Pokemon that run away, but I decided to err on the side of "tough shit, you don't get an Abra" and moved on. On Route 5 I caught a male Meowth and named him Arhu. Passing through the Underground Path and emerging on Route 6, I found that everything available on the route was a duplicate, and thus opted not to capture anything there.

And then it was 3 AM and I decided I should probably pack it in.


Kaito - Zubat - Lv18- Quiet
Leech Life

Fleetwing - Pidgeotto - Lv19 - Docile
Quick Attack

Venus - Ivysaur - Lv19 - Lonely
Sleep Powder
Leech Seed
Vine Whip

Nepenthe - Bellsprout - Lv18 - Naive
Vine Whip
Sleep Powder

Arhu - Meowth - Lv14 - Gentle


Justin the Rattata (unknown nature)
Melli the Beedrill (Adamant)
Fauchard the Spearow (Adamant)

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