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nuzlocke report 2

After the rough waters of early Zubat training, Kaito learning Bite made all the difference. He spammed it all down Route 6, until eventually he would have to be swapped out for simple lack of PP. One trainer battle vs. three Pidgeys wore him down to the red, but a couple of potions got him back in the air - he was about halfway to level 20 at this point, and I wanted to get him as far along as possible, especially since he won't be able to participate in the upcoming gym battle. There were several close calls along the route, especially against a one trainer's Butterfree, but with backup from Venus and Fleetwing he did make it to level 20 before Vermilion!

Then I ran back and forth between Cerulean twice because I discovered they didn't sell the cheap potions in Vermilion. And then picked up a bike voucher and had to go get a bike. At least I could ride back the second time!

Instead of proceeding directly to the gym, I took a trip over to Route 11 to train. After gaining a few levels off trainers and getting Kaito to learn Wing Attack, I suddenly remembered that this was a new route and I was allowed to catch something, so I took a step into the grass and was immediately greeted by a female Sandshrew. WHY YES HELLO THERE MUCH-NEEDED GROUND TYPE. Nepenthe gently subdued her with Sleep Powder and Wrap, and one Pokeball later, Pangoline had joined the team. She was promptly taught Dig and entered into an intensive training regimen. I also stopped by Diglett's Cave to pick up a Diglett for completion's sake, but decided to stick with Pangoline for actual fighting - I'm familiar with Diglett but have never raised a Sandshrew, and anyway Digletts die if you so much as breathe on them.

(The Diglett was a female and named Magmabloom, for the record.)

In the cave, however, I learned another harsh lesson about why haste does not pay off in a Nuzlocke run. I thought it would be a perfect place to train Kaito up a level, and the first couple battles went perfectly fine! Then, however, I met a level 29 Dugtrio. A very fast, very strong level 29 Dugtrio. I had Kaito start with Supersonic to waste a turn, expecting the Dugtrio to lead with Dig, and planned to Wing Attack on the next turn - but the Dugtrio didn't move as I expected it to, and on the turn I tried to Wing Attack, it used Fury Swipes for 4 hits, one of them a crit. Kaito never had a chance.

Fleetwing stepped in, and although the Dugtrio did get in one attack, it only hit twice and for less damage than Kaito was taking. With repeated Quick Attacks, she brought the Dugtrio down and allowed us to escape. She gained a level from the fight - the level I'd been hoping for Kaito to gain. He was just one level away from his evolution into Golbat.

I had been releasing casualties before, but I can't bear to release Kaito. I've made a cemetary box where the fallen will be laid to rest from now on. In memory of Kaito, I will catch no more Zubats.

Training proceeded reasonably well from there. Nepenthe and Pangoline reached level 20 with little incident, and Arhu's training began in earnest. Bite did well enough to offset his lack of any particular advantage, and he did well enough against the wild encounters, but I got into hot water with him a couple times using the Vs. Seeker to rematch trainers. A level 21 Spearow very nearly killed him with a 5-hit Fury Attack, but he managed to barely hang on with one hit point. Fleetwing handled the rest of the battle. Having reached level 22, she was beginning to play the role of primary tank and heaviest physical hitter. The rest of Arhu's journey to level 20 went quite well - and lucratively, once he learned Pay Day.

With all party members within the 20-22 level range, I had reached my level goal. Allie and her team boarded the SS Anne together. With the time they'd taken to train, battling trainers about the ship proved to be no great challenge - though they did provide enough experience for Pangoline to become a Sandslash, and for Nepenthe to become a Weepinbell. Even Gary inflicted no losses on the team, though Fleetwing had a nasty close call against Gary's Raticate and sustained burns from his Charmeleon after a lucky Ember got through all the sand she'd blown in its eyes.

After getting that battle out of the way, I decided it was time to take a break.


Fleetwing - Pidgeotto - Lv23 - Docile
Quick Attack

Pangoline - Sandslash - Lv23 - Mild
Defense Curl

Venus - Ivysaur - Lv21 - Lonely
Sleep Powder
Leech Seed
Vine Whip

Nepenthe - Weepinbell - Lv21 - Naive
Vine Whip
Sleep Powder

Arhu - Meowth - Lv21 - Gentle
Pay Day


Kaito - Zubat - Quiet
Met at Lv10 in Mt. Moon, died in Diglett's cave at Lv21

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