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Because sometimes nostalgia punches you in the back of the head and doesn't stop until you do something about it, I bought Creatures: The Albian Years and have been dicking around in Creatures 1.

Extensive discussion of cute fuzzy little morons. Also photos. Yeah, I'm being That Mom. )

God, I missed this game. :D

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Why do I keep forgetting The Hunger Site exists? It's awesome. And gnnnnh, so much awesome lovely free trade stuff. aaaa need next paycheck so I can further use my powers of consumerism for good!! /clicks everything

...You know, I am honestly pretty okay with my life and my place in the world right now. I don't want to get too redundant with my previous post, but aside from the fact that I'm employed/decently paid/more socially comfortable/etc., I'm actually kind of surprised at how good I feel about this job. I don't exactly come to work every night with a spring in my step and a song in my heart, but it's a very cozy gig for me, and it is directly affecting someone's life for the better.

(I did mention it, but more specifics: I work as a nighttime caregiver for a lady with Alzheimer's who lives in a condo not far from my house. She can't live independently anymore, but her family is adamant that she be enabled to live in her own home for as long as possible. Which she can do just fine, as long as there's someone around to take care of her. My neighbor is employed as her daytime caretaker to that end, and it's through her that I got this job when the need for a nighttime caretaker opened up. Basically, I sit in her house and make sure she's safe and okay and that nothing explodes.)

Part of it is the relief of just being employed at all and thus feeling much, much less useless as an adult in this world, but I do feel pretty good about the fact that my job directly does someone good, even if it's just one person.

... and then I can take the money I earn here and buy more stuff on the Hunger Site, thus doing further good for more people. 8D I like this cycle.
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January 2010

"My new year's resolution is to post more in my journal!"

December 2010

"... Oops."


The year in review, aka LYSSIE WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN )

So, here at the end of 2010, I'm pretty optimistic. :D Going forward from today, the world looks a little bit brighter.
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Man, I am feeling 200% better today. \o/ Got to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] findingfaramir, which was awesome, even if I am dead on my feet from all the walking we did. XD

I don't usually make resolutions, but this year I resolve to post more in this journal. RP is all well and good, but Riku socializes more than I do and that is backwards somehow. XD
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I have a message for my Arizona flist, particularly those in the Tempe area:


My sister has been raising a litter of three that were abandoned by a mother cat in her yard. Unfortunately, as enamored of them as she is, she already has three cats and a dog, in a house with kids, and she can't really afford to keep the kittens.

The kittens are all very social, litterbox-trained, and I think also spayed and neutered (two boys, one girl). They are also the cutest ever, if we were not also full up on cats I would take them in myself.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, drop a comment here and we will work something out! If you are not interested but you know someone in the area who is, kindly direct them to this post so they may investigate potential kitten ownership. ♥
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...I leave for Otakon tomorrow.


Man. I still need to make prints for the art table, and pack, and sometime today there are chores to be done, and... fkjhdj. THIS IS SO WEIRD. It feels like I just got done with FiestaCon (though I wasn't selling there, just attending). And now I am FLYING TO BALTIMORE and SELLING ART and MEETING [livejournal.com profile] risingdragon AND HALF OF CFUD aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

Guess I'd better get printing.

(Also, in unrelated news, I have joined the Twitter madness. I am here.)
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HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] akatokuro

edited to correct fail
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So today proved to be awesome!

Started off the day by going to see Watchmen in a second-run theater with my dad.

Reactions cut for spoilers )

After Watchmen, we went shopping. :D I picked up some jewelry at my store that I'd been wanting for a while, and then we got an outfit at Lane Bryant. After that, we went home, managed to tear Mom away from her gardening, and ate at Carrabba's. ♥

A very enjoyable day. Quite made up for yesterday. :D
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... well, this has been a shitty birthday.
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Oh, man. It's seemed like forever, but I finally have Crisis Core.

Got my paycheck yesterday, and promptly went a little crazy with the YAY MONEY; got myself a PSP, Crisis Core, War of the Lions, and Chrono Trigger DS; along with the Watchmen trade paperback and a PW manga. It's a damn good thing for my wallet that Gamestop DIDN'T have Okami or Eternal Darkness, really...

Crisis Core is the game I'm really excited about, though. I mean... shit. I was following this game from its very first vague mention and obscure trailer. From the days when we weren't even sure if it was going to happen, to the surreality of cutscene clips and a release date. I've been staring at it in agony on store shelves, just waiting until I could afford a PSP so I could finally play it...

...So naturally, when I finally can, the used PSP I bought to save money has an analog stick that gets stuck constantly, making the game nearly unplayable because Zack won't fucking stop running around Fort Tamblin.

Yeah I think I'm going back and getting a new PSP.

But on the upside, Zack is doofy and adorable! I can't wait until I have a better-working PSP that doesn't hate joy and will actually let me play without technical issues.


Mar. 15th, 2009 03:38 pm
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- All indications are that I am a stunning Effexor success story. I've been feeling much better on the meds, I am suffering literally no side effects (my blood pressure's gone back to normal; evidently it was a temporary spike, which the doctor said I didn't need to worry about), and all this on a low dose!

I may essay later about my experiences and how it's felt. I'm very happy with the results.

- I have an Etsy account and a whole shitload of craft supplies. These two things may converge into a store at some point soonish. Look forward to candy, small decor paintings, marzipan fruit baskets, and decoupage boxes.

- 7 Things You Didn't Know About PETA. If you know me, you know that I love animals, adore my pets, and think animal abusers are horrible people. That said, damn do I hate PETA.

- I've been really debating going back to Disney for another semester, hopefully in merchandise this time. I'm this close to graduating and my parents' health insurance won't cover me forever (even though it certainly WOULD cover me now, if I went), but another semester at Disney would look so good on my resume, it'd be so good to have a job for a while, and I really miss Epcot...
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HI GUYS I'M NOT DEAD, The World Ends With You just kind of devoured me a little.

(I have got to do some fanart for this game. For the clothes, if nothing else.)

I hope everyone has a happy New Years'~
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Protest photos here.

I'm really amazed at how well it went. Very smooth, very peaceful - hardly any heckling, none that I personally witnessed, and no incidents at all. Everyone was pumped up and it was a wonderful atmosphere. Lots of support from people driving by!

The only annoying thing was, in those photos where we're lining the street? A bunch of people kept crossing back and forth against the light. Guys, I know we're protesting, but last I checked, we kind of like traffic laws. They are in place for good reason! Let's keep following them.

Started checking all the news channels at 5:00. XD Channel 3 and (to my astonishment) Fox 10 gave us some pretty fair coverage! I was quite disappointed in CBS, though. They gave a lot of airtime to an interview with whatsisface Dwyer, talking about the Catholic church's support for the ban and why, and then finished up the segment with a fairly wishy-washy in context comment from a protester about how 102 got passed and how she thought it unfortunately came down to money. (The savvy observer will note how this left Dwyer's position unchallenged and didn't make us look too great.)

But overall it was a great event, I feel it was very successful and I was proud to have been involved, and I'll be glad to keep on with the activism. It feels good!
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So I'm heading out to that nationwide gay rights protest tomorrow.

When the marriage bans went through, I made a vow to myself. I promised that from then on, I would take action. I would volunteer. I would give my time and make myself visible, because silence kills, and a voice has power.

I didn't know my first chance would come so soon. But here it is. And I'm ready.

I even made a sign. )

Anyone else going to be going to one near them?
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I was thinking of something really eloquent to say. About this election, about Obama, about my mixed feelings of incredible joy at the overwhelming Democratic victory and crushing despair at the evident pass of Prop 102 here in Arizona, the sheer strangeness of having hope at all when the last eight years have made me from a naive girl into a very cynical woman, and about my flickerings of new resolve.

But I apparently don't think well when tipsy. Mom and I had a drink to celebrate. We got some Cosmopolitan mix out of the freezer, got down the martini glasses, and had a toast.

(The glasses are cobalt blue. I think that's an amusing bit of serendipity.)

We toasted President Obama and the next four years. And I'm a damned lightweight and I'm already feeling a little woozy and drunk, so the most eloquent thing I think I can say is:


the bit about the creepy gender definition amendment thing is gone, upon [livejournal.com profile] levade's observation that. it's. probably satire. XD OPTIMISM HAS NOTABLY INCREASED.
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I'm generally hesitant to talk about sexuality with people outside of fandom, just in case they turn out to be homophobic and things go Badly. (I qualify "outside of fandom" because... yeah, I've generally found fandom and geekdom to be pretty safe spaces.) In particular, and I guess this must be a prejudice of mine, I'm afraid to discuss it with girls who are married/have boyfriends. So I've been vaguely uneasy with the two girls I sit with in drawing class for those reasons.

Last night it came up in conversation, and it turned out that one of them is a sympathizer and the other is bisexual and formerly identified as a lesbian.

This just goes to show something, I'm sure.
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