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- Princess Tutu gathering was sad and small. Phoenix Wright gathering, by comparison, was large and boisterous and awesome. Of course I got pictures.

- There is no goddamn Phoenix Wright stuff in the dealer's room. I'm sorry, Kris. I can't buy you your mug. ;_;

- Couple with a baby carriage cosplaying Lucrecia and Vincent EEEEEE.

- J-rockers ruined my con. ... No, seriously, we're blaming them for everything that's gone wrong (a lot of things). It is their fault. ... Also Xigbar's.

- Someone jacked my DS. Along with both of my PW games. ... I am surprisingly calm about this, somehow. I'll manage to replace it.

- [livejournal.com profile] khfanficrants gathering, however, went awesomely.

- I printed WAY too much stock. Overstock sale LOL unless everyone descends on my table today.

- NOBODY recognizes Braig without prompting. (Some even miss it then. A Vexen didn't get it. But an L she was with hugged me. <3) I am looking forward to the KH gathering where people will be forced to realize that HAY I'M KH TOO. HAY I'M BRAIG. HAY. HAY.


Pictures and things of further note after con.
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To-do list for Anime Expo:

  • Order new brass buttons from Jas. Townsend & Son.
  • Make newer, lighter, better pocketwatch for Gambino. (Shouldn't be too hard.)
  • Obtain Braig wig.

  • Make Braig costume. (Only the coat and scarf should actually need sewing.)
  • Create at least one more print.
  • Actually print out stock.
  • Get magnets, necklace clasps, foam, ample amounts of clay from Michael's.
  • Make the character magnets.
  • Get a fresh sketchbook because you never know.
  • Make price sign.
  • Finish [livejournal.com profile] sorradragoneyes's commission or something you loser.
  • Ensure that you have all memory chips for camera, and both batteries fully charged.
  • Have business cards printed up.

  • As always, try not to die.
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AniZona's in April, and January's wasting away. I'd best get cracking on con preparation.

AniZona's site is being irritatingly vague on what exactly Artist's Alley registration is going to entail this year; I hope it's another informal first-come-first-serve affair like last year, or I'm gonna be kinda screwed. The prospect of registering for a table at AX is terrifying me. Registrations sold out last year more or less as soon as they opened, so I have low hopes of getting in anyway, but even if I do... I need to get a California seller's permit.

I. Uh. That form might as well be written in Greek. I need to find someone who'll hold my hand through the process of filling it out. (Any volunteers?)

I also need to produce art, and figure out quantity. I've got one solid idea for a Sora/Riku/Kairi triptych, and a relatively solid idea for making jewelry out of the little paper stars (maybe some with leaves glued on - wear a paopu!), but nothing else solid and I don't think I can build a table on that alone. I need at least one other print idea, but so far nothing's coming. Not sure how much of the Sora/Riku/Kairi pieces I should print, either... I have no idea what's too little or too much, or how much I should charge.

Also, I need to get cracking on that learning-to-drive thing (and also that getting-a-job thing, as I can't drive unless I can pay insurance), because AniZona's new premises are exactly close enough that it would be a waste to stay at the hotel, but a phenomenal pain to get there in costume/get my art there on each day if I have to bus it or catch a ride. But, of course, smooth as silk if I can drive myself.

I need the job for another reason: cosplay. I haven't even started on Xigbar or Pence yet. Damn my expensive, expensive hobby. (And damn Nomura for his ^&%*$&* fascination with making EVERYTHING more complicated than it has to be. *shakes fist at the Organization coats*)

So much to do. So much to worry about.

But hey! I got the con fire under me. It's a good kind of panic. :D

For now, though, better turn in soon. I'm gonna be chilling with [livejournal.com profile] dev_chieftain tomorrow, I need my sleep. :D


Jun. 25th, 2006 03:05 pm
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Things left to do before AX:

  • Buy more Krazy Glue. I don't trust the Elmer's with these studs.
  • Buy more isopropyl alcohol for dye.
  • Finish the last doodads on the cape.
  • Dye and style the wig.
  • Maybe make the prosthetics.
  • Make sure the camera and GBA are fully charged.
  • Renew identification.
  • Pack.
  • Print out the airline ticket.
  • Fail to die.

Getting down to the wire, but I can totally do this!
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Well, I just about had a heart attack today.

After buying my plane ticket, I decided to figure my AX expenses again, just to get a clearer idea of what I'll have available, right?

I ended up with, like, $42. This is not good. This is not sufficient. This is catastrophic - that'd barely get me some food and a manga, at a four-day event that I usually attend to buy things. Worse, I'd have to pay for a shuttle both ways from the airport, and after shuttle fees I'd have $12. Yeah, that'd get me a few boxes of Pocky.

I was really starting to freak out when I finally realized that I was only taking into account what I had in the bank, and had forgotten that I had a fair chunk of cash lying around that I hadn't deposited yet, and some more coming.

Added that into the budget. Am significantly calmer now. XD


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