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I am mildly confused!

So over on F!S, there's a secret about how Alice shouldn't have been a Princess of Heart, Pocahontas deserved it more - and just about every single reply is along the lines of "Hey, yeah! I never thought of that before! Pocahontas should be a Princess instead of her!"

And I'm just over here going "Uh... but...?"

THINKING TOO MUCH about KH follows )

I dunno. Maybe I analyze the themes too much. But Pocahontas and her world really wouldn't work in Alice's place, I can see why they went with Alice.

There is also the matter of Pocahontas being Native American, and KH being a Japanese game made by Japanese people in Japan. Yes, it's Disney. Disney in Japan. I dooooon't think I want to see the fallout of them trying to do Pocahontas's story in KH, especially when Disney already bastardized her over here. XD;
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You know, in the midst of arguing feminist theory and character interpretations and suchlike, I think I'm finally getting a finger on some of the reasoning behind my character and pairing preferences.

Teal deer, textwall, etc. Long pontification about pairings under the cut. I have no life. )

Really, I might have figured this out sooner. I've always known that I hated damsels in distress and I've hated the seme/uke formula about as long as I've been in yaoi. Why didn't I realize before now that equal pairings PUSH MY BUTTONS really hard?
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I just had a creepy thought.

Spoiler cut for KH2 and Roxas speculation )

You know, it's getting really hard to hold on to my liking of DiZ.
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I rather suspect this was cooler in my head, and would work so much better with visuals, but here's the somewhat completed thing, anyway.

This just escaped being named "Destati" or "Succession of Keyblades". I'm not sure this title is better. XD

Title: To Cast the Key
Words: 1,606
Rating: PG
Pairing: SoRiKai
Summary: A Keyblade master may unite the worlds in peace, or sunder them in ruin; but in the end there is one thing they all must do.

Sora dreamed of water. )
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So. I'm listening to Destati (the version where you can actually hear that words are being sung), and I've found the lyrics, and now I'm curious.

The song is about/to Sora, right? A lot of it makes sense - you hear it when he's getting poked at in his dreams in apparent preparation to receive the Keyblade, and the stuff about awakening and extending your hand to receive fits with that. Even the stuff about doors opening is, yeah. Doors opening is a large motif in Kingdom Hearts, and Sora does some opening of doors along with the locking of them.

But what's with the lines about remembering? I mean, you don't just stick this kind of heavily mystical lyrical imagery into a significant part of the game and not have it mean something, especially when it touches on important themes from the series. What is it Sora needs to remember? What is it he has lost? It makes perfect sense when it plays later for Roxas, but not so much at the beginning when you've just got little Sora.

Is there some kind of... I don't know... essence of Keyblade wielder that gets passed on to kids with suitably strong hearts, as a sort of pseudo-reincarnation?

Actually, come to think of it, that might even make Sora's intro line from the beginning of KH1 make some sense at last. "I've been having these weird thoughts lately. Like, is any of this for real, or not?" If there was some kind of hand-me-down essence thing going on with the Keyblade, and it was just about to wake up in Sora, some feeling of subtle disorientation would make sense; suddenly his own reality has shifted slightly, and it's throwing him off.

... oh, dammit, I think I've bunnied myself again...


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