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I am mildly confused!

So over on F!S, there's a secret about how Alice shouldn't have been a Princess of Heart, Pocahontas deserved it more - and just about every single reply is along the lines of "Hey, yeah! I never thought of that before! Pocahontas should be a Princess instead of her!"

And I'm just over here going "Uh... but...?"

THINKING TOO MUCH about KH follows )

I dunno. Maybe I analyze the themes too much. But Pocahontas and her world really wouldn't work in Alice's place, I can see why they went with Alice.

There is also the matter of Pocahontas being Native American, and KH being a Japanese game made by Japanese people in Japan. Yes, it's Disney. Disney in Japan. I dooooon't think I want to see the fallout of them trying to do Pocahontas's story in KH, especially when Disney already bastardized her over here. XD;
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You know, in the midst of arguing feminist theory and character interpretations and suchlike, I think I'm finally getting a finger on some of the reasoning behind my character and pairing preferences.

Teal deer, textwall, etc. Long pontification about pairings under the cut. I have no life. )

Really, I might have figured this out sooner. I've always known that I hated damsels in distress and I've hated the seme/uke formula about as long as I've been in yaoi. Why didn't I realize before now that equal pairings PUSH MY BUTTONS really hard?
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(I posted this at [livejournal.com profile] canonrants originally, but I think it's a pretty good essay so I'm posting it here too.)

I have FINALLY put my finger on what bothers me so much about Cloud in Kingdom Hearts II, and to a lesser extent Advent Children. I think what it is, is that Nomura has forgotten what about Cloud made him such a good character at the start.

Lengthy character analysis and ranting under the cut. )


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