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Okay. One last day of essaying (unless I suck and don't get the two papers done today, in which case I'll have to pull a last-minuter tomorrow). Then studying for what should be a pretty easy final - knock on wood of course, but really, it covers only half the semester and most of it was on the quiz, which was given back graded. Built-in study guide!

Two papers + one final and then I'm FREE. FREE. I can work on my commissions! And How She Lost Her Fear! And the paperdoll! And I can play FF12 and KH and FF8 and try writing a bit and SAVOR FREEDOM.

... Actually, I should apply for a job.

But man, first thing I'm doing after I get home tomorrow night? I'm mixing drinks. I think I've earned it. XD

So, gonna get off LJ now and caffeinate myself. These papers aren't gonna write themselves.
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I swear as soon as I finish this term paper I am going to forget I ever took this science fiction class. the whole thing has been characterized by "oh shit I didn't read the instructions for that quiz I just took/e-mail I just sent/assignment I just submitted! fuck, I'm an idiot!" on my end. I LOSE.
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Hauling off to the library today for paper-writing. Bit late in the day, but I'll stay as late as I can/have to.

Hooray for finals week?

Edit@7:13 PM - OH MY GOD SAVE ME. These should not be hard papers to write, I just cannot FOCUS AAAAHH. I'm starting to really wonder if I might not have some kind of ADD that needs treatment because man, my school focus is just fucking shot this semester.

must concentrate and write so I can get home soon and play with my Kairi doll DO CONSTRUCTIVE AND RELEVANT THINGS oh who am I kidding, play with my Kairi doll.
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I've got a bunch of papers to write, two of them before Tuesday and two before Thursday, and a final to take next week. After that, I have - provided I haven't forgotten any - four commissions to finish, and then a bunch of drabbles. I really shouldn't be slacking off.

So of course I'm up at 5 in the morning working on a Flash paperdoll of Kairi.

My mind rebels in strange ways.
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Well, one of the most critical bits of footage I needed somehow failed to get processed correctly - I do not know how this happened - and ended up as a useless 35 kb file, but that's nothing world-ending. I'll just go home and resave it after class today. So glad I broke down and upgraded to Quicktime Pro. So much stress gone, right there.

Random cool thing of the day: As I finished pigging out on breakfast in the cafeteria (omg biscuit and bacon and egg and taters and WAFFLE), this guy came up to me, and, indicating my Ded Bob shirt, said "I know the guy who does that". Guy traveled with him for a couple years, apparently, and talked about how in Colorado, he ended up being positioned such that he saw the whole Ded Bob Sho five times a day for the whole Renfest. Got to know it by heart. XD

And that was about all he had to say - after that he meandered back to his table, but it was still a cool little encounter. :D

Now my files are imported, and it's time for me to get to work.
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Also, surfing the web on a lab computer where you have none of your usual bookmarks and nobody to talk to but you have nothing better to do while exporting a clip from Premiere = really, really boring.

[livejournal.com profile] lynxgriffin? Will you be on all Sunday? Because that's when I'll hopefully be able to send the files.

*wanders off to draw or read or something*
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Me: Okay, iMovie. I've got a nice, shiny new set of files for you... Please will you import them? Pretty please?
iMovie: NO. Absolutely not. ERROR -40, BITCH.
Me: Look, I'm not a native Mac user. I don't know what that means. I need to get this movie done, I'm trying my best here...
iMovie: Why don't you go ask Google?
Me: Fine, be that way. Hey, Google?
Google: Ayeah?
Me: What's Quicktime Error -40 mean when I'm importing video into iMovie?
Google: Ah, let's see here... Oh, here we go. "iMovie will not import a file over 2 gigabytes in length or about 9 minutes." Why, are you getting that?
Me: ...
Google: Huh?
Me: ...
Google: You okay there, kiddo?
Me: I wish I'd thought to look this up, like, a week ago.
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So on Monday I learn that the three Twilight Town files I still need to import to finish my god damn AMV will not import. iMovie turns up its nose at them. "No," it says, "I don't care how much you need this footage, I can not work with these files. No, I'm not sorry that you just wasted a day's worth of lab time when you need every hour you can get; it serves you right for bringing me these crappy files."

This after I reconverted those files just in case they'd been corrupt the first time. On Monday.


I do have some fragments of them in iMovie, so all is not lost. I've got enough to work a few particular bits I had in mind, so I'm not totally screwed on that front. I'd be doing what I could right now, if not for this ethics paper.

Which reminds me that my mom's laptop, which I borrowed for today to do my ethics paper on while I was in lab, doesn't run Word. Oh, it's not the laptop's fault. It's a perfectly good laptop. In fact, its preloaded copy of XP theoretically has Microsoft Office already on there!

Except when I open Word, it asks me to enter my product code.

From the CD.

Which we don't have because this is a preloaded copy of Word on a preloaded copy of Windows XP. So I can't run Word on the laptop.

Fucking Microsoft.

So I'm in the library now on the library computer, which DOES run Word thank you so fucking much Mr. Gates, and I'm going to write my ethics paper. I'm also going to try downloading the Twilight Town cutscenes in English, because I was using the Japanese files and maybe those were just encoded funky or something, I don't know. The English files are my last hope, because if I can't get them into the lab computer I'm going to have to grit my teeth and turn in an incomplete movie. (Unless some angel could get me the footage off of YouTube, but we'll try this before I start praying.)

Also, it's motherfucking cold out there. (By which I mean it may be below seventy. Yes, I know. All of you currently residing in places that are not a sweltering desert valley, please feel free to point and laugh at me. Heckling is okay too.) Cold winds that chill me when I'm wearing a jacket, at 1:30 in the afternoon? I'm glad it's not the other extreme any more, but what the fuck.

So, in conclusion: Fuck school, fuck Microsoft, fuck file formats, fuck iMovie, fuck 24-hour days, fuck sleep shortage, and fuck Arizona.

I think that covers it.

I'm so not caffeinated enough for this. >_< *opens Word and gets ready to channel Xemnas*




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