Apr. 25th, 2007 05:50 am
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You know, when I said I'd finish these even if it took me until April, I didn't expect it to actually take me until April.

So, here we go! The final four Yule drabbles.

(Drabble three only tangentially meets the prompt, go figure. For drabble four, the actual request went "I like things!" and I had to drag a better prompt out of her.

Because you should know these things, clearly.)

For [ profile] raisedbymoogles, "something fluffy"


It's a narrative law that the hero always gets a happy ending. )

For [ profile] abyssus_abyssum, Seifer/Zell, pre-FF8, giving gifts


So it's not really his fault... )

For [ profile] merodi, something about Merodi


He'd still kill her, of course. )

For [ profile] flidgetjerome, Byuu/Sendak


Sendak was a dirty, dirty old man. )
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It's funny. The one I expected to be like pulling teeth was easy; the one I expected to be easy was like pulling teeth. XD

Also yes I know the first one is seriously stretching drabble status. Shush.

For [ profile] laylah, Cloud/Tifa, post-Advent Children, new year
Seventh Heaven is looking festive for the season. )

For [ profile] firefly99, gratuitous crack and Cloud
'Yuffie, no,' Cloud says. )

For [ profile] lynxgriffin, "something fun and funny with Riku and Mickey"
Riku squints at the polished wall. )
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Oh, it's good to shake out the writing muscles. ♥

Here's the first three Yule request drabbles! It's not Yule yet, but there's nothing wrong with an early present. :D :D

For [ profile] fel, Kairi messing around with Riku's hair


It's been a silly, naughty little idea of hers for years... )

For [ profile] nekokoban, SoRiKai on a new and different world


'Leave it alone, Sora.' )

For [ profile] sister_coyote, SoRiKai, leap


She knows this too well... )

... I swear I didn't deliberately select the SoRiKai prompts first. XD


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