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It's been a while since I've talked up Catch You. :o

For anyone who missed it last year: I produced a 24-page Zax/Aerith doujinshi for the local anime con, AniZona. I wanted to take it to Anime Expo too, but that kind of fell through.

I made a decent profit at AniZona, but I've still got some excess. I believe I have 5 copies that are not already spoken for.

Some previews of the book are here and here.

Price per book has settled at $10 USD plus $4 for shipping.

So, hey, if you're interested, drop a comment! :O If there are more people interested than I have copies, I've still got the files, I can print out more copies. ♥

Also! If you've previously asked for or wanted a copy but couldn't pay, let me know here too. I know there's a few of you, and I wanna keep things straight. XD
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As promised, here are ze photos!

All 33 copies! Yes, 33. Somehow an extra copy snuck in. I don't complain. ♥

The back cover.

Sneak preview! I pondered long and hard what pages to show, and decided on the two that follow the ones I already previewed. :D

I'm really thrilled with this. There's a few silly image errors that came out in printing - most notable is a huge glitch with a voicebubble on page 22 XD - but nothing too major or book-ruining. All in all, it came out nicely, methinks. :D
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I knew, since I went to Kinko's on Monday, that Catch You was in for print, and that it was in good and professional hands and would be printed and trimmed and bound well.

I knew, intellectually, that I had ordered 32 copies for con stock + preorders, and that 32 is a lot.

It did not in any way diminish the giddy rush that came when I went to the counter, told the clerk I was there to pick up some copies, presented my claim check, and then had placed in front of me a small but heavy box FULL OF DOUJINSHI.

Photos tonight when I get back from class. I squee with mighty squeeing. I really think you guys who preordered are gonna be satisfied with your doujin. :D


Apr. 10th, 2006 01:10 am
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Aaaaaaaaand it's DONE!!

Catch You is ready to go to print! I'm taking it in to Kinko's later today (April 10)! Remember, today's your last chance to order if you want a copy~~

Ordering post, if you're interested and just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Aaaand with that, I am going to go celebrate by taking a well-earned break with me PS2. ♥
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I... am almost done with Catch You.

Holy crap.

I never actually doubted I would get this done in time, but sitting back now, realizing I'm on the very last page and there's only a few revisions to be done, and soon I'll be taking this to Kinko's to bring it into the real live world... definitely has a significant "whoa" factor associated with it.

I'm making my deadline. Through trials and tribulations and school and a last-minute head cold, I'm totally making it.


Awesome. :D

On that subject, tomorrow is the last day I will be accepting orders for this print run. The next one won't be until June. So, you know, if you want it sometime this month... :D

Also! To those who have ordered - if you've got Paypal, I can get your copy sent out on 14th, as long as you pay me by the 13th! If you need another way to pay me, plz to let me know so we can work that out. :D
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YES. AHAHAHA. Back in the lead. I'm now a day ahead of schedule, despite massive distraction from the Gaia Online story updates.

Just a reminder to anyone who wants to order a copy of Catch You: the last day for orders before I go to AniZona is April 10th. Preordering info is here. Just $11 USD plus shipping, folks, it's looking to be totally worth it. :D

Now for sleep. 8D
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Ugh. No page last night, and it's my own fault for dawdling.

I'll finish it tonight, though. Or at least get damn close.

Nyrrr. These pages with Cloud are going to be an absolute nightmare.
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Catch You is proceeding well on schedule, and should definitely be ready for print by April 13th if I can maintain this pace. *knocks on wood*

So, hay guys, who wants a copy? 8D I need to know by April 13th so I know how much I need to print aside from the AniZona stock. I'm not sure exactly how much it's going to end up costing, but I'm making a guess that it'll probably end up being about $12-$15 USD per copy, plus shipping.

If you're interested, drop a comment here with your name and address. Comments are screened, so your address will not be shared with the Interweb. Also, please leave an e-mail address or AIM name or something, so I can contact you later without unscreening your comment. Once I figure out exactly how much it'll cost to print and ship to you, I'll let you know the total. 8D

Here's the front cover and first five pages, for reference!
Front cover
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5

(Please note that these pages will also actually be slightly tweaked and better in the final print version. Also, it's totally getting better as I progress, srsly guys.)

Edit 3/30: If you are going to preorder, the last day I'll accept preorders is April 10. Turns out I need way more time for printing than I thought I did, and I need to have all the orders that are going to come in before I start.

Also! The price will be $11 per copy, plus shipping. :D Payment will be due by midnight on April 13th, and I'll do my very best to get them all shipped out on the 14th if possible!

Edit 4/11: Ordering now closed. :D Thanks to those who did order~!

Catch You!

Mar. 24th, 2006 10:54 pm
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Catch You Progress:

24/24 pages
2/2 covers


Preordering information is here!
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I wonder how many other people can claim to have depicted what is basically a grave on the back cover of a sweet, romantic doujinshi with a fluffy ending.


Mar. 19th, 2006 10:56 pm
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I think Wednesdays are gonna just about kill me until this doujin is done. Wednesdays are when I spend four hours waiting at school between my two classes. And I don't think the computer lab is open then, and even if it were I don't have access to all my screentones there, so I'd be limited to tracing... Which could still WORK, really, but. Again, I don't know if the lab is open.

The alternative is taking an hour coming home and then working for two hours before catching the bus back.

Maybe Wednesdays can just be my days off. I think I will need them. Reprieves from the ENDLESS STREAM OF DOUJIN AAARGHBARGLE. *tortured look*

On the upside, though, once I get this page done I'll be 25% finished. And I will have weekends to work, as well as Tuesday afternoons and nights, Thursday afternoons, and more or less all day on Fridays. If I start being intrepid and waking up on Monday mornings, I have those too.

Let's see... 24 days still to work, as I obviously can't work on the day of the con and I can't work on the 13th, as I'll need to be printing it then. 18 pages of doujin still to finish, and a small cover illustration which can probably be done in the same day as a page. Four of those days are Wednesdays.

20 days and 19 images to finish.

Whew. Cutting it just a bit close here. I'll have to try and produce double on some days if I want to have any room to breathe.
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... I appear to have spontaneously developed a case of stabbingly painful eyestrain.

This may put a small crimp in my plans to finish the doujin by the twelfth or thirteenth of April.

Hopefully sleep will help it. If it acts up again tomorrow, though...
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All right. The doujinshi-making marathon is on.

28 days, and I have 23 pages left of doujin to rescan, trace, tone, and apply text to. In addition to, you know, homework and my new commission and shit. All I have to say to that, is: Bring it, bitch!

When I get closer to being done, I'll put up ordering information in the progress post. Anyone think they'd be interested in ordering a copy of this? Here's a small preview of what I have so far, for reference:

Front cover
First page


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