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MORE MIA/DIEGO. This is the (much happier) actual Tanabata fic, as promised.

Title: Seventh Night
Words: 1,918
Pairing: Mia/Diego
Rating: PG
Summary: On the night of sevens, we meet again.
Prompt: "This month's Gyakuten Snapshot:


There's your prompt, Anon! Pretty please?"

'How I've missed you, pretty Vega,' he murmured. )
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It's Tanabata in Japan! (Well, sort of.) Therefore, Mia and Diego.

This is the angsty one. Proper Tanabata fic will be posted tomorrow!

Title: Good Night
Words: 375
Pairing: Mia/Diego
Rating: PG
Summary: Diego, his last moments, and Mia.
Prompt: "Maya!Mia visits Godot in the hospital, they talk about his fear of his impending death." (There was more to the prompt, but that was the only relevant part.)

'Sing me a lullaby, kitten,' he murmurs. 'What kind of dreams are waiting for me tonight?' )
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Title: Catnap
Words: 570
Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth
Rating: G
Summary: On the sleeping habits of frilly prosecutors.
Prompt: "Anon wants some phoenix/miles fluff, please?
And anon wants them to end up falling asleep cutely together or something. NOT after sex, not before sex, not inbetween sex. Just something without sex [because as AMAZING as all the stories are here, almost every one of them has it and anon would love to see something different.]"

Read more... )

Goes with this.
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Since I've done two for this prompt (and plan on more *shakes fist*), I'll just list them both here.

Title: Miracle
Words: 1,359
Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth
Rating: R
Summary: Everyone dies eventually. Edgeworth's just really bad at it.
Warnings: Blood and violent imagery
Prompt: "After reading all those fics about Edgeworth getting shot, Anon wants to see Phoenix and/or Edgeworth as a superhero. Preferably a really badass one. <3?"

'You know, Mr. Edgeworth,' Gumshoe had said, 'you're really something.' )


And now for something mostly different: concept art for the other superhero AU this prompt inspired me for.

... Superhero lawyers ping me hard, apparently.

Confidential dossiers from the Fey & Co. Law Offices
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So I guess it's time to start posting my kinkmeme stuff!

Title: Paradox
Words: 2,335
Pairing: Edgeworth/Edgeworth, slight background Phoenix/Edgeworth
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Wherein Miles Edgeworth needs to get laid so badly, he breaks time.
Warnings: Doppelganger sex.
Prompt: "Time travel featuring Older Edgeworth/Younger (case 3-4) Edgeworth. Younger Edgeworth finds the other man in his office, and neither of them knows why this is happening. Younger Edgeworth is confused and agitated; older Edgeworth calmly strips down while explaining that this has happened before (back when he was his age), and the sooner they get this incident over with the sooner things can get back to normal."

There was no reason for it to have happened. )


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