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So, instead of going to costuming for clean costumes today, I spent the evening playing at Epcot.

This was the correct decision. )

Ha, and it's the silliest thing, but it was like a perfect capstone to the experience, summed everything up for me. I'd bought a pair of Mickey ears on my way out of the park - one of the pink-bandanna "Pirate Princess" ones, just because I wanted it - and wore them all the way home.

After I got off the monorail, still feeling kind of warm and happy from what I'd done, I looked down and saw my shadow, with the big round ears.

Yeah, I think I'll stay.
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So I did Discovery Day today! FINALLY.

(Discovery Day is a thing they do for cast members - at least at Epcot, I'd be surprised if they didn't do it for the other parks too - where basically they take you around Epcot and give you a basic grounding/knowledge of the place, both as a big bonding exercise and so you can better assist guests.)

You know, before I got here, I didn't have any particular interest in/affection for Epcot. For me it was just "oh, the thing with the ball, yeah, neat". Hell, until recently I didn't realize it was actually a Disney park - I sort of grew up with the impression that it was just this other cool thing that was in the WDW area. XD

After today, I'm... really kinda stoked to be here. I didn't realize just how full of COOL SHIT Epcot was until now. XD I am definitely going to have to go back and check out Innoventions, at least, because seriously holy crap AWESOME. And sdhgkdjfhk we walked right past Belle in the Epcot Character Spot! And then took a break! There wasn't even a crowd to meet her we could have gotten pictures sob


Club Cool, also, is awesome. XD I didn't sample all the different countries' Coke drinks, but I did give Italy's a token try (what the hell is that, because it's clearly not anything to drink, maybe to clean your toilet with) and gave Japan's and China's a whirl. China's is okay, kind of a watermelon cola, but Japan's... I see myself going back to Club Cool very very often just to have more of it. That shit is delicious. I wonder if you can buy it in the US anywhere...

World unity through soft drinks~! XD

And oh my god... one of the first things we did, right when we got in, was take a ride on Spaceship Earth. (Which... is actually inside the ball! That was really cool. I'm surprised it wasn't a more brain-bending moment to be going under and inside the iconic Huge Epcot Ball, which ten years ago I didn't believe I'd ever be anywhere near.) I... kind of... guh. If you ever need to restore your faith in humanity, Spaceship Earth is a good place to do it. It's really very inspiring. XD (And holy pogo sticks the animatronics are hardcore. I kept wanting to wave to the animatronic people. The whole ride is really well-designed. ... Like everything in Disney.)

Actually, Epcot in general is a pretty good place to restore one's hope and faith in humanity. Walt had the right idea, and while Epcot as it is isn't what he dreamed up, it's still pretty awesome and inspiring. It does make you feel like, if we can get it right here, then maybe...

ILU Epcot. ;_;

I met a bunch of my future coworkers today, also. Which was awesome, and also kind of hilarious. We were doing token introductions around the group, basically name/where you're from/where you're working/favorite character. There were four of us going to Liberty Inn, and we all named Belle and/or Jasmine as our favorites. XD (Two named Belle, one named Jasmine, I named both because I can't choose.) WE ARE GOING TO GET ALONG. XD I rode the bus home with two of them, we talked, they seem like great girls. It's a lot less scary knowing I have three other people going in with me who I can talk to and stick with.

All in all, looking forward to tomorrow. :D
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Okay! So here's what's up.

State of the Lyssie address )

Well, I'll be training over the next couple weeks, anyway. After that, we'll see if I'm going to be in this for the long haul. Wish me luck and unexpected competence.



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